The Death of Love

January 12, 2009
By Kyla Tolentino, Alhambra, CA

Once strong and hopeful, LOVE fought for her life
Overcoming anything that comes her way, she managed to last
Then DISTANCE split her to two, brutally tore her with a knife
Apart, she painfully died, though not really fast

LOVE could not survive, expectations she could not meet
A miserable being, doomed to be like that for eternity
DISTANCE is her feared murderer, almost always hard to beat
Desperate, she slowly faded, not always for serenity

DESTINY does not always play its part, but FATE always does hers
With the murderer, she teams up to dominate the world
To those poor hearts, they inflict the wicked curse
To destroy them, to end each and every great love story ever told

Once strong and hopeful, LOVE became helpless
Overcome by anything that came her way, she did not last
Split by DISTANCE, she became hopeless
Apart, LOVE met DEATH at last…

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