I Will Be the Sun

January 14, 2009
By David Dunwoody, Rochester, NY

The universe believes that I am self-complacent
Allowing my untimely demise to be as inevitable as its own
But I will not let that stand
I will be the Sun

Through my voice
I will emit rays of heat
That will reach many fertile minds
For new growth and maturity
I will be the Sun

A reliable source
But those who wish not to hear my warm voice
Will be named Pluto
And will become cold with a desolate, hardened core
That will be content in darkness
Unable to see what could be
If they would just look over toward me
I will be the Sun

That will seek liberty and emancipation
When it is lost and constrained in the core of the darkness
To light the way into unknown territories
And bring about necessary amendment
I will be the Sun

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