Sweetest Day

January 14, 2009
By Alexandrea Decker, Waterford, MI

Sweetest Day

The macaroni and cheese falls into my lap and my eyes
shoot upward to see if he saw.
The table is covered in paper hearts and candy,
and as he leans over to wipe the hair out of my face I get goose bumps.
After dinner he walks quickly ahead of me to open the car door
and holds my hand as he drives me home.
Both being so nervous we sit in silence,
but inside my heart indulges in this new found feeling of content.

And here we are now driving down the familiar winding roads we had 18 years earlier.
In a different car,
but with the same man and our aged hands touching palm to palm.
Again we sit in silence,
but this silence is not nervous, nor lifeless.
It’s the sweet melancholy of being in love the same way we were then,
and marking off the day on the calendar in my head as
another amazing Sweetest Day spent together.

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