January 14, 2009
Lately I’ve been thinking
Of how this used to be.
And how we used to be.
He laughs, smiles, and sighs.
And says, “But it was only a year ago!”
But I’ve done a lot of growing up since then.

Look at us now.
Remember last Christmas?
You weren’t the same.

You make a scene, and disagree,
Using your way of fishing for my guilt.
We throw ourselves into a sink of arguments,
And stay there for awhile.
Then I wake up.
I look for proof.
Outside of my window,
the ground is frosted,
my driveway is icy,
our back steps are frozen,
your trees are sprinkled,
everything is white.

I can hear the bubbling of the coffee maker,
and the sound of droplets dripping into the coffee pot.
I’m bathing in a handful of coffee beans.
I walk into the kitchen, and I’m greeted by the strong aroma.

I pour some coffee and creamer into a crisp white mug.
I take a sip; peppermint mocha tickles my taste buds.
It travels down my esophagus.
My tummy laughs, smiles, and sighs.
Just like it used to.

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