January 14, 2009
By Emily Mai, Clarkston, MI

Lately I’ve been thinking
Of how this used to be.
And how we used to be.
He laughs, smiles, and sighs.
And says, “But it was only a year ago!”
But I’ve done a lot of growing up since then.

Look at us now.
Remember last Christmas?
You weren’t the same.

You make a scene, and disagree,
Using your way of fishing for my guilt.
We throw ourselves into a sink of arguments,
And stay there for awhile.
Then I wake up.
I look for proof.
Outside of my window,
the ground is frosted,
my driveway is icy,
our back steps are frozen,
your trees are sprinkled,
everything is white.

I can hear the bubbling of the coffee maker,
and the sound of droplets dripping into the coffee pot.
I’m bathing in a handful of coffee beans.
I walk into the kitchen, and I’m greeted by the strong aroma.

I pour some coffee and creamer into a crisp white mug.
I take a sip; peppermint mocha tickles my taste buds.
It travels down my esophagus.
My tummy laughs, smiles, and sighs.
Just like it used to.

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