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April 17, 2015
By ulises1027 BRONZE, Houston, Tx, Texas
ulises1027 BRONZE, Houston, Tx, Texas
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Movies in the year 2014 wasn't a big of deal but this years movies will be talked about all over world. This year lots of great movies will be released. Lots of people thought that just because paul walker passed away they weren't gonna make a fast and furious 7. Well they were wrong fast and furious 7 comes out April 4, 2015. In my opinion fast 7 was one of the greatest movie so far. In this movie Ian shaw tries to get revenge for what toretto did to his brother (owen shaw). This movie is is mostly towards the death of paul walker which is a better place. Not only is fast and furious 7 a big deal but also that the director of finding nemo is finally making a sequel. There's a little twist to it instead of the movie called finding nemo 2 the movie will be called “finding dory”. In this movie dory joins nemo on a field trip manta rays migrating back home and during the field trip it triggers dory’s memory which causes her to get lost. This movie will premiere on november of this year (2015). Another movie that comes out this year that has shocked people is “jurassic world”. After jurassic park nobody really expected for the series to continue.The movie premiers June 12, 2015. Jurassic world is about a boy and his brother go to jurassic world to explore the new and amazing dinosaurs. In jurassic world they have lab where they study the genetics of dinosaurs and they find out that they have made a dinosaur of their own…. Lots of directors are beginning to make a sequel for their movies, like ted 2, mall cop 2, hot tub time machine 2,and pitch perfect 2.

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