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Battle Field

April 8, 2015
By SweetDarkness PLATINUM, Merced, California
SweetDarkness PLATINUM, Merced, California
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We live in a battle field
Given swords for tongues
But no shield
Forced to fight and be fought
Beat down by those we grow to trust
Because in the end you're all you've got
We go out as we come in: Alone
Its a do or die world
Whether you're young or grown
See that's the fun it all
Boy, girl, small, big, young, or old
Everyone just wants to see you fall
Its fair for everyone
Because we all have the same risk
Our life under the sun
And the weak just won't survive
Its a constant fight to see who is strongest
And those will be the ones who thrive
The strong prey on the weak
Day in and day out
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
We've got scars and bruises
All of which define our battles
Because we refuse to be the one that loses.

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