enough is enough

January 15, 2009
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Enough is Enough

I packed my bags and booked my flight, cried out to people I didn’t even like. It seemed to me a magical dream come true, I knew in my heart what it was time to do. Had enough of what my life used to be, to start a new life and to be proud of what I’ll see. I held my head down and then I started to cry of my new life and what I will finally find. Enough is enough I can’t take it any more, of my past life and the way I had lived before. I don’t want to end up jailed or underground or up on the rooftop trying hard not to be found. It might take some tough love to try and restore, but with the guidance of God I won’t be alone anymore. In the long hard run that I will journey to find, a new beginning and a new piece of my mind. Then I can raise my head up high, and find all my love of myself deep down inside. Everyone around me then will truly see, that I am that man that now holds the Key.

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