dreams an a hole lot more

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Have u ever,loved some1 to make you think your number 1,but people say we should be alone an take it slow,but this really how the story goes,every1 sees u,it makes there face blue,Babygirl this is me an u,dont have a clue on what we're goin to do,take a breath,an go with the flow,people say u got 2 go,babegirl please,say it ant so,watch ur step,dont fall below,fallow the light girl,now dont be slow,now shine the light,let urself glow,forget the rest,this is ur best,u are u,now we dont have a clue,stop the tears and forget your fears,your dreams will become crastyl clear,Get out of the light,let it shine on me,i'll have u all up on ur knees,just let me be me,sick and tried of people sayin we dont belong lisson 2 this an they'll be gone,I love him,it maybe a sin,but at lest i care for him,better watch close,cuz here i go,watch ur step,dont fall below,if u dont know his name is bo,atlest he me,glow,in my show.Dont be slow,cuz i said so,start the test,we're gonna pass,cuz we got class,shine the light,let urself glow,this is urs an some what my show,dont cry,dont be shy,or u'll never be able 2 touch the sky,ur like a dream,i wanna wanna squeeze u,tease u,make them wanna be u,every where i go i see u,i feel myself breath on u,u breath on me,u up on me,like u own me,that my dream,theres alot more but this is what i got,an dont want any more,u and me,was meant 2 be,seen u with some1 eles,would just make me wanna kill myself,its true like the skys are blue,an the grass is green,ur my 1 an only jellybean,sittin outside ur house lisson to u scream,i know ur my beauty queen,when i havent seen u in a while,all i think about is ur smile,dont fall below,cuz ur so close,dont do drugs,cuz i said so,ur so close,babygirl dont let urself go,I'm bo,u an i know so,we was meant 2 be,so whats wrong with fallowin ur dreams

The author's comments:
it maybe long but it speaks the true about before,while,an after when i was depressed over family,friends,school,boyfriend and everythang but i do say i still do get depressed and stuff an will later on down the road but theres 2thang 2 rememder 1 is have god in ur heart an when u do he'll be ur close friend an everythang and 2if you ever need some1 to talk 2just write me at Angel2dmw@aol.com,cuz i've been thro it all and well i can be a friend to u when you need 2talk and o ya write me an tell me what u think cuz i got way better ones than that so ttyl 4 now

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ElizabethS. said...
on Jan. 29 2009 at 2:13 pm
You know, nobody wants to read something that makes their eyes hurt. Please don't ever use chatspeak when publishing a poem or something else of a serious nature because nobody will take you seriously this way. Not to mention, it just makes it harder to read this and it breaks up the flow of the poetry.


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