January 18, 2009
By Emily Cunningham, Long Beach, CA

Get out of my head
I'm really sick
No matter how hard I try
Or how i've convinced myself
There you are
Just when I think i'm out
I'm dragged back in
You said you'd meet me in dreamland
Now that's the only place we're happy
You want me in my dreams
So bittersweet
Why do my dreams tease me
So happy
When I open my eyes
All I want is you
Once again
Every single feeling i've locked away
Comes roaring back
A fire searing through my body
It's amazing the detail
I can feel you
See every freckle on your skin
I can breathe you in
And I can feel the warmth in your lips
As you hold me like a child
I'm trying
I promised I would
For my sanity
When you visit me though
How am I supposed to know
Or believe that this was for the better
Stop killing me
Go away
But don't leave me
You told me I was strong enough
But stop testing my strength
I will break
My bones can't hold
I know i'm worth so much more
I'll just keep repeating it
My mantra
Just because you can do this on your own
I can
I don't have a switch like you
Just stop
Just breathe
You're fine
Just forget
Like the others
And please don't visit me in dreamland anymore

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