The Memory Tree

January 18, 2009
Entering the path to the memory tree and wandering who I used to be. I step unto the first branch, its hard to see, very sturdy but still a mystery. Climbing closer to the top. One branch up 'craack'. a rotting branch makes, loosing my balance from a feeling of regret and abasement. Hanging on a higher branch, hoping that its not the same, pulling myself up, at ease as fast as lightening, I look up the tree, so full of life and getting less blurry with every level of branches and look down, a tree as dead as a meadow in the hot summer day. Up one, two, three. Each time a new emotion, excitement, impishness, calmness. Another branch up the memory tree. 'craack' goes another branch, sadness overpowers me like a swarm of bees to a piece of sweet fruit. Trying desperately to get away, only option is up. Close to the end of the constantly growing tree. a branch, small and not fully grown trying to observe h what it feels, nothing. Curiosity comes and I try to climb closer. Stopping at the forming branch like a invisible barrier to keep wondering evolving humans out. Given up, I start to climb down the memory tree, one last look up and the forming branch has grew, feeling success as I turn away from the tree. Out the path back to reality.

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