The Thirst

January 18, 2009
By Danielle Barker, Littletom, CO

The pages turn,
Slowly, waiting for a miracle,
To quench my thirst.
Everyone has a book in hand,
Yet no one is paying attention,
To where they slide their fingers,
When they turn the page to read on.

I yell.
My miracle has taken place--
Someone in the class,
Has finally received a ... paper cut.

Everyone's head turns,
To watch me,
Suck the blood out of poor little Johnny's finger.

Mouths are open,
Thinking I'm some crazy ... VAMPIRE.
I shiver to the sound of those so truthful words,
That describe nearly my whole family.

Yes ... it is true,
I am one of many in a family of vampires,
We have been around for centuries,
Living peacfully among you disgusting mortals,until now.

Time to move again!
I tell my family.
That was the seventeenth time my family and I have had to move move,
because of my thirst,
for mortal BLOOD!

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