finding my new home

January 18, 2009
By toni posey, Cincinnati, OH

Once I finally moved away from the place I ever felt like home it was like the floor fell from under me and all I could do was run in order not to fall But now I cant find my way back but when I think about it what am I trying to get back to a life of being rude mean and down right wrong Why would I want to get back to that nto because of all the bad things but the good When my house was also my home where finding a happy place was not so hsrd and a plce where when tears fell they were tears of joy This is the life im looking for But I cant get back Im lost and cant find my home Im alone with no one to hold Im afraid with no one to trust I am without a home Yes I do live in a house but my house could never be my home But the more I think about it maybe the reason why I cant get back is because maybe just maybe this is where I belong maybe this could be my new home

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