Dreams vs. Reality

January 17, 2009
By Dhara Waghela, Lake Forest, CA

Dreams, fantasies, almost burden like
I carry them, they dig in as if a spike
I feel the sharp point of a pin
There is a longing, barely felt, from deep within

When the façade turns into reality
In from my dreams, I gaze I see
The hope of my future that may somehow be
A grasp of more, a feeling of greed

I touch, I caress, a comforting word
I pray, your face do not turn
I reach out, please I beg
Turn around, do not give spark to my worst dread

A flame, gone, put out
It seems as if you gave reason to my doubt
To you, was only this what it was about?
From where did this unexpectedly disappear then sprout

I look back, to you it seems
my rays, were nothing more than dim beams
a flutter I held so close inside
now its stays, its time it shall bide

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