Everyday Success Comes Your Way

January 17, 2009
By Kayla Welu, Cary, IL

Everyone loves to succeed,
But here is a story from me.
Everyday I wake up at 5:45,
Sometimes I feel like I want to hide.
Going to school and doing my best,
Until when I get home I get some rest.
The day is done but not quite,
Until the light goes off and my family says goodnight.
Homework is hard but do not make it difficult,
For you will know the recipricals.
Balancing equations may make me blind,
But I know that I will do just fine.
Reading and writing is easy to do,
Just make sure that you follow through.
I can't catch up with all of this mess!
Someone please help me take the test!

The author's comments:
This poem made me inspired by the way we live life today. Life is tough by what times you wake up or what kind of subjects you learn. But there is always a way you get through it and make it easy and a way for people to have it apart of their everyday lives. Everyone can succeed if they just put their minds to it and work at it.

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