The Perfect Creature

January 17, 2009
By Stevie Gorton, Midvale, UT

Watching you walk across the room, like every step was rehearsed before,

You are the perfect creature, no hunter can attain.

Their poison bullets of lust and lies, never even graze you.

Seeing your hair with the sun rays running through it,

Like the powerful star also bows to you.

You are the perfect creature.

Looking at the theives of moonlight which are your eyes,

Like windows into your gentle heart.

You are the perfect creature.

Glancing at your pinkish lips, like the soft petals of surrounding wild flowers.

You are the perfect creature.

Never could I use bullets to capture you.

I pray for my chance with cupids natural arrows, that I will not miss.

If I could have you, I would have bliss.

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