January 17, 2009
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Lately, I’ve been trying to tie up my opposite ends.
Beginning with my head and ending with my tail.
And I begin to think, that one cannot exist without the other.
Otherwise, these purposes become wrinkled and frail.
Rushing through my head in these hour of meaningful droplets
There rained upon my eyes the myriad truths that were to become invisible to our presence
To every circle here would be its infinite shapes within and infinite holes
To every chance there would be choice
For every opportunity, there came results
Upon the sun, there couldn’t be not shadow without light
With the moon, there wouldn’t be its luminescence without the sun going down towards night
Judging these awkward and naïve deceptions were already deceiving my judgment
I couldn’t let this happen
So here I sit
Still thinking
If these are true
Then the world’s perfections would one day become imperfect
Unfortunately tipping the scales of equality to a form of wanted balance
Then I began to understand these conundrums
I slowly began to see the purpose of our laws of nature and of government
I quickly then saw that we must be caged to be free, limited to be limitless
After I knew these small ideas fit into our amorphous world, my understanding commenced and my essence towards existence began its purpose.

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