Little Nightingale

January 17, 2009
By Mary West, Jasper, IN

Come Little Nightingale.
Sing your song to me.
Tales of treasures old
And what it means to be free

Come Little Nightingale.
Come to me and play.
For when this day is over
There will be no other day.

Come Little Nightingale.
Fly with the church bells chime.
For when the tommorrow comes,
Will be the end of my time.

Listen Little Nightingale.
Can you possibly hear?
They plan to destroy me.
Out of pain and fear.

Go Little Nightingale.
Fly so far away.
For nothing could be worse,
Than if you were to stay.

Sing Little Nightingale
Sing your song of me.
Sing your sad tale
Of this girl, finally free.

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