O Lord of Heavens

January 16, 2009
O Lord of Heavens

Above in the skies

The angels see me

They hear me cry

I can’t see the light

I can’t see your grace

I’ve lost the path

You’ve left no trace

Why can’t you see

That I’m falling apart

I can’t see you anymore

You’re not in my heart

I fight off the Demons

I fight off the Sin

I try to stay with you

But you know where I’ve been

I can’t see the light

I can’t see Your Cross

I keep on thinking

This is a major loss

I don’t want to lose you

I don’t want to give in

But O Lord of Heaven

I can’t stop the Sin

The Devil is near

I can feel him close by

I want him to lose

I don’t want you to cry

The leaves crackle on the ground

I close my eyes

I start to cry

I’m losing my mind

I feel a hand on my shoulder

You spin me around

You hug me close

Pull me up from the ground

I beat him Lord

I kept You close by

We beat him God

O Lord of Heavens in the skies

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