Titanic Poem

January 13, 2009
By Andrew Schutte, Hartland, WI

The ships going down

The ship that doesn’t sink.

Stronger then god, at least that’s what they think.
Confused people, not knowing what to say or do.
The ship gets swallowed by the deep blue.
Most people on the ship not having a clue.
The water is ice cold.
The ship going down, someone needs something to hold.
Tables sliding down towards the wall.
Pictures on the wall start to fall.
Glass starts to shatter.
Seeming like death is served to them on a platter.
Terrified look on faces as they find out.
Finding out that the ship is going south.
Now the ship splits in double.
The captain now knowing this is nothing but trouble.
As now the ship and the bottom of the ocean become a couple

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