January 12, 2009
I remember telling you I had a big secret
That I would tell you when the time was right
You asked me to tell you now
So I did ‘cause you really wanted to know my secret life

You were shocked when I said it’s about you

I trust you
I feel comfortable and confident
To let you know how I feel
I hope you love the poem that I revealed to you
‘Cause you said it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you
I was gonna give it to you sooner
But I was afraid…
Afraid of all the shame
I would feel when the answer is nope
Afraid at the end of the day
When I’ve lost all hope
But you said I was brave
And shouldn’t feel afraid
You never could have been as confident as I was
To put oneself out there in a situation like this
But I didn’t know I could do this either
I’m still feeling the knot in my stomach

You still don’t know what to say
So I said just let it absorb you
And feel its love grow on you
You don’t have to say anything
I just hope this vow of silence
Means you know how I feel
‘Cause when I say that “I love you”
My weakness is real
This is my Achilles heel
I’ve finally overcome
That’s when I said “You’re welcome”
And you said “I feel so unworthy”…
This was the last feeling I wanted you to sense
‘Cause I want you to feel like the most worthwhile
Person that I’ve ever met
I just wanted you to know
That you are SO worthy,
Worthy of my love
As well as everyone else’s
I have so much to say for this feeling
But I just want to savor this feeling
And I want you to savor what you’re feeling
And know that you’re worthy of every single heart beat—
Beating between you and me

So I must finally say what I’ve been meaning to say
Say what’s been swellin’ inside of me…
You are perfect in every single way
And I’m the one who should be feeling unworthy

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