January 12, 2009
My pain feels like there's nothing in my world

Nothing in my world that's worth living for

It gets to the point where I would like to harm myself and others

the many things in my life that are lies anger me to

the point of no return. The purpose of being a typical human has lost in my existence

The only things that are worth fighting for always go missing….

Still I go on but there's a chance that it won't continue

I cry at times because a huge percent of people that I care about die or move away forever….

The only thing I wish is that for one single second in my life everything would

Just stand still and be peaceful but sadly it will never happen or not for a while…

If anybody knew what my life was like they would

Be weeping the reason is that there's so many problems that I have no control

over it's actually so bad sometimes

that i feel like killing myself

but not killing myself but harming myself to

so much pain that i would want to kill myself.....

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mang9believe said...
Jan. 24, 2009 at 7:08 pm
Ya...i've been there.
and poetry is a very lovely creation of imagination and hope of creativity..
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