January 12, 2009
By Jordan Ramos, Cincinnati, OH

is it true for what girls say that *all guys are the same no matter what kinda guy they are?*

boy or girl the world doesnt care

hurt and sorrow is what they share

there are a million reasons its either one thing or another
the hurt of a friend or the lost of another

there can be a savior in a sorts... the *nice guy*
that one person that can always make you *sigh*
hes there to confort you in ways others can not
to heal the scars that others have brought

for some reason he always has time
to make you happy with a quick rhyme
he is the light that shines in that world of yours that is dark
helping you to clean up all those bruises and marks

no matter how many times you repeat the same mistake here and there
the pains and tears are here for him to share

it is only the time when he starts to realize he will only finsih in last
after all that time reflecting on his past

to view the actions in which he has done
and realized he has lost more than won
to lose his digity and sometimes a heart
he realizes that slowly he is just being torn apart

he started to see the truth in what the girls say
that guys are all one in the same
it didnt hit him now but sure enough it came

for years, at this phrase, he can sigh
to believe that it is not true that it is a lie

it is when he starts to actually doubt
is when his never ending smile turns into a pout

to have his world all crash before him
to have his becon of light go dim
to have his *time* vanish without a trace
to destroy his ability to heal
by having him realize that he himself isnt real

the *nice guy* realizes he himself is fake
to think about this makes his heart ache

to think that just like those jocks, ****, and creepers seeking attentoin and fame....
the thought that maybe even nice guys....
are one in the same....

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this, was that a close friend in my grop of friends was trying to explain how guys are all the same, even the ones that apper to be the guy "who is jsut that nice". A lot of my friends agreed on this and I thought about it myself. I thought about it becasue everyone sees me as the "nice guy" of the group. and i started to look at my actions and wondered if they were actaully "for the sake of being nice". to belive that my actions had some sort of hinned "agenda". But, I know now what is true, if girls can belive that i am not truly "a nice guy" then they arent realyl my friend and do not know me well enough

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