January 12, 2009
By Kendra Abrams, Miamisburg, OH

I’m in the park alone without my phone
I’m walking down the sidewalk turning back to see if I’m being followed
I hear myself walking, shoes hitting the ground
I hear another sound
I turn around and no one is there to be found
I keep walking and hear someone talking
I shake and turn to see people walking
I’m relieved but not yet
I walk past the bushes and hear a rustling sound
I look and see a squirrel…dead
I turn to hurl but I couldn’t
I felt a hand touch my shoulder
I jumped and felt a pinch on my side
I screamed but nothing came out
He covered my mouth and told me not to shout
I was taken to a alley
I could barely see is was so dark
He threw me on the ground
It hurt really badly, there was broken glass everywhere
I started to bleed
I felt the blood rushing out and making a puddle around my body
I felt him ripping my clothes off and laughing like there was nothing wrong
I could feel your hips moving closer and closer to mine
I could feel you going deeper and harder in me
I felt blood rushing down my leg
I cried for you to stop but you just went deeper and harder
I look at your pants and see that you a cop
My heart dropped
I wanted to die
My life was turning into a lie
I told him to kill me
He took everything I got
My dignity, my pride, and my virginity
He finished me off and took a knife out his pocket
He held it inches from my heart
Before I died I thought of my family
How will my parents act?
What will people think of when I’m dead?
Should I let him kill me?
Or should I hit him with the bottle of rum?
I can’t worry or do it now because I have to do what lies ahead
I felt a sharp intense pain in my heart
I gasped for my last breath
I looked at the last person I see…and it’s my killer
My eyes slowly close
He left me there
And no one knows

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