That Voice

January 12, 2009
By Samrach Phon, Clinton, CT

Inside our minds,
there is another person.

Someone who can't hold
their tongue.

This person will only put you down
and hurt you more than it will ever help you.

Don't listen.
Don't give in.

Instead, stop it.
Stop it from giving you anguish.
Agony is something
no one needs.

This voice has more power than
the words of your family and friends,
but you can conquer it.

Stop listening and
tell it something that it would
never say;

I will be strong...

The author's comments:
If we all controlled our attitudes or in other words, our point of view, then the words of others wouldn't sink in and make our feelings work against us. Be selfish for once and make yourself a little happier by simply taking the negativity out of your mind.

That's all I wanted to say in this poem.

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