We have Overcome

January 12, 2009
By Denmark Harris, Sacramento, CA

We Have Overcome

Under the relentless heat of the Ageless Sun
Our ancestors worked tirelessly as slaves
Picking cotton in the cotton fields
Sweating blood and tears of oppression

During the Civil right’s Movement
Our predecessors marched for freedom
Fighting for racial equality so that they may see the day
When those freedom bells would ring, the dream would be realized.

Now upon the once-bleak horizon
A Golden Sun rises from the ashes of masked sorrow
As our Nation’s First Black President is elected
Spreading optimism and hope throughout the land

Tears swell in my eyes
As I remember how hard my ancestors fought
All of the blood, sweat, and tears they shed
So that I may have the opportunity to see this day

We shall not forget what our ancestors died for
What they bled for, what they sweat for, the sacrifices they made
So that we, not just as African Americans, but as one Nation

Would be able to join hands as a people,
Celebrate as a people,
And live together in harmony as a People.

By forgetting what our ancestors suffered through
We trivialize the entire struggle
Let us not tarry on past grievances but instead embrace them
For they are apart of our History, who we are as One Nation

Let us remember this day
For this defining moment in our History
Shines as a beacon of hope
For all races alike, black, white, Chinese, and Hispanic

Let us remember the many brave ancestors before us
Let us remember who we are and where we came from
Let us join hands not as a separate race of people
But as One nation in celebration of what we have achieved.

Today we begin anew
We serve as an inspiration to the rest of the world
Anything is possible when One Nation stands United!

We have overcome!

The author's comments:
My main source of information for writing this particular peice of poetry is that recently America elected the First Black President.I wanted to reflect my thoughts about America's journey from slavery to where we are today. I would like for this peice of poetry to preserve this defining moment in United States History history.

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