January 12, 2009
A is for the angel that watches over me as I sleep
the one who comforts me when I weep
the girl that holds me upright
when life's on a hill that is very steep
she's so sweet
sweeter than the ripest fruit from the oldest tree
as I think back and reminisce on what used to exist
I think of taking a risk of unknown proportions
or maybe it is known
when I'm home alone I wait by the phone
waiting for it to ring so I can hear her sweet voice

N is for never letting me down never letting me drown
I can never frown when she's around
she has a way of turning my scowl upside down
round and round we will go
when we'll stop I don't know
we don't leave until she's ready to go
I know it's cold but she is hot
don't want her to stop
I rock you rock we rock together
whenever wherever she is I will find her

G is for her greatness
she has no fakeness
rate this top 10 top 100 top of the world
she is my girl
she takes the number one spot inside my heart
I'm glad I don't have to wait to participate
never too late too stat over
but why when we never have a problem
I just want to hold her

E is for everything she's done for me
we will be happy and live happily ever after
no matter where I am or where she goes
we will forever be close
as pretty as a rose
from the tip of her nose to the way she walks down the street
maybe it was fated that we meet
on this occasion

L is for the love she has invested in me
as cute as she wanna be
she is the way to go
the reason for this flow
I know when she says let your courage show
I am ready to go
ready for anything
anyone who would run up on her
you're done
back to the sun
which lacks in comparison to her skin
the laws of physics she can amend
with a kiss on the lips I become light as a feather
and girl you should know
you make me better

I is for ill
not as in sick but
the way I felt when I first laid eyes on her
I could have sworn I was the shit
but seeing her made my heart dip and hide
to confide in me she made me happy
happy like a little kid on his birthday
that's worth three cheers
and a hip hip hooray!
by the way
she always says
you are so sexy
even though I can make her so damn testy
she never left me

N again has me saying
nobody got nothing on her
she understands the span of my grand plan
she believes I can map out the sand
map out Japan
you bring the can-vas
and I'll bring the paint
what a beautiful picture she will make

A at last is for all out and wild
again I feel like a child
no better yet, a man
a new man with a new plan
with you by my side I'll be alright
not even death could separate the two
who loved each other through and through
yeah, that's me and you
I'll marry you
you'll be with me for life
through the pain and strife, as my wife
it would take a physical miracle
to show the world our spherical view
just me and you

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