January 12, 2009
And as she is
so humbally broken
the words are still
No one understands
so deep inside
the pain
that made her cry.
She lied
for a demon
held so close
and made her
do things
no one knows.
Shes sorry for
the pain and tears
but she only
feels fear.
Forgivness is a tocken
she has still left unspoken
even when
the tears come
and fall to the floor
she knows
deep within
this is a war.
He wants to understand
how could she
help him know
such glut pain?
Tears fill her hazel
as shes down on her knees
as her heart is bleeding
for forgivness.
Her demon is gone
but guilt still
has a grasp,
she can not breath
with the wind in her ears
and the tears
streaming down her face.
Shes holding her knees
to her chest
eyes closed shut
back and forth
she rocks away
because her light
has gone away.
It got dimmer and dimmer
as she walked along,
in her heart
something struck wrongh
one day
her lantern was gone.
She needs some one
to take her hand
pull her along
closer then a friend.
Her heart and soul
so filled with shame
and yet
shes still to blame.
Shes afraid
her heart and soul
will shatter
if she felt any sadder.

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