Losing the Sun

January 12, 2009
By Emma Maudsley, West Des Moines, IA

“It’s the beginning of the end”

You whispered in my ear on the last night of summer

I brushed it off as a joking reminder

and continued to live in the summer’s heat

Continued to live in nights of endless conversations

and trivial adventures to the city limits

Continued to breathe the sweet scent of summer’s grass

and dance in the storms that wouldn’t let up

Continued to write the summer’s love on the fiery sidewalks

and sing along to the anthems we had claimed as our own.

I refused to accept the fate of the following days

or the simple fact that this time next year we would scatter

around this region like pioneers in search of a new land

and it would never be this way again

We would never have this carefree comfort of just being

And so I braced myself for the end

knowing that if you were there, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad

And with the last summer’s sun lowering in the sky

I breathed a sigh of loss

and continued on.

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