roses and life

January 12, 2009
By jenny hicks, Davenport, WA

when you hold a rose in your hand,
you could easily move,
your hand wrong,
and the thorns,
will prick and hurt,
but if you don't move your hand,
you will never see,
the full beauty of the rose,
the question is move your hand,
or don't move your hand,
but if you choose to move your hand,
move it slowly,
so you can look for the thorns,
the same is with life,will you move,and take the chance of hurt,or will you stand still,
afraid to be hurt,
for fear it will be painfull,
never to see the beauty,
of what your life could have been,
if you decide to move in life,
the chance of being hurt,
is always there,
but if you move with caution,
your able to see the thorns of life,
and move around them,
this is the question of life,
move or don't move

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because i am adopted and life always seemed a mystery to me

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