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January 12, 2009
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Her balloon is ever rising
tethers to the ground
are flying
hasn't touched the floor
since never
ignorance that lasts
deaf ears crash all good intentions
blind eyes stare
in lost directions
waking up from
cardboard dreamlands
face a world
she hasn't lived in

their balloons
are bobbing
floating past the clouds
and ceilings
content to hover
never soar
happy mediums
nothing more
a swing balloon
events affected
progressing upwards
dirt neglected

and my balloon
my balloon
my balloon
is sinking

puncture wounds
surface scars
pin holes
rupture marks
hopes deflate
their life exhausted
slowly fading
sadly falling
appears to be
that all is lost

noiseless dreams
sneak undetected
thoughts and words
working swiftly to deflate
both helium

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