Broken Glass

January 12, 2009
Who is this stranger staring back?
Her long hair is mussed, her eyes are smudged

Her lips are crimson, full, and tender.
Her face is gaunt, her figure too

She brushes her cheek, pale and icy cold.
She ponders the secrets that will never be

She is not the person she used to be.
She brings herself down, though no one can

Tears begin to stream down her face.
She has forgotten a moment she can never

A mistake was made, though the girl did not know.
She had no control of where she was to

Hypocrite, she thinks to herself as she cries.
The tears wash the pain from her bloodshot

The words stab like knives through her bleeding heart.
Her only hope now is for a fresh

With determination, she gets to her feet.
She is too strong to give into defeat.

The sun floods her face as she walks away.
She embraces the warmth,
Breathes in the day.

She takes a new path, her journey just begun.
A smile on her face,
The battle is won.

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Anon said...
May 7, 2010 at 1:26 am
Nice story of willpower. Love the form!
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