You are the weakest link, goodbye.

January 12, 2009
By Savannah Ashley, Bates City, MO

No one ever told me that it could hurt this much…
My pain has slowly dwindled into a ball of red hot anger.
Memories play across my mind on repeat,
Hundreds of thousands of memories…
Laughing, crying, and dancing memories.
Our smiling faces laugh at me each time I close my eyes.
Where did I go wrong?
We all make mistakes.
What made you choose to leave me behind?
I see you laughing with her,
All those little comments you leave her on facebook…
They stab like a knife…
What happened to forever,
Do those promises mean nothing?
You, me, and her…
Best friends forever…
I never knew you heart could be broken, by your “best friends.”
I never knew it could hurt this much…

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