January 12, 2009
She drifts out,
onto the open sea,
a single glance back,
at the wrecked debris,

Of her old life,
it's all so distant,
floating further away,
with the waves, so consistent,

A single tear trickles down,
leaving a stain on her face,
happiness once known,
had long since been replaced,

With an apathetic mask,
deep down only despair,
her broken soul,
she's unable to repair,

A storm erupts,
tearing in half, her vessel,
she's cast,
into the black abysmal,

hopeless as she takes in the ocean,
choking ,
with each of the water's motions,

Time stands still,
peace overcomes,
she gives up,
finally succumbs,

To her fate,
a small smile escapes,
as she sinks down,
at long last she's found her place

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