Too Little, Too Late

January 12, 2009
By Anthony Hassemer, Hartland, WI

Too Little, Too Late

It was a Saturday night,
I got an unexpected call,

She broke it off,
I had no say,

My heart dropped,
I drank away the night,

I got a rude awakening,
… It was a cop—

My first ticket,
What’s next?

I fought for you again!
But now I don’t know—

You said we can try again,
But you added you don’t trust me now,

Would I have to lose my best friend for you?
I’m sorry; you’re not worth it—

I’ve realized now,
It’s too little too late,

After all we’ve been through
I’m done—

It’s not how it was before,
Feelings changed, you killed me,

You said you be the heartbreaker from now on,
Well you shattered mine, are you happy now?

I tried, but you pushed me away,
You took my soul, I can’t forgive you—

I refuse to put myself through this again,
I’m sorry; but it’s over,

You made me this way:
Confused, depressed, you changed me in a bad way,
I need to get out now,
Or I may never be myself again,

I’ll always care for you,
It’s just not meant to be,

You came back but!
It was too little too late…

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