A Cluster of Characters

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Personalities. Constantly changing and never ignored.
Arrowhead is a schism. Separated into cliques.
You will meet all types of students here.
Gators: also known as flamboyant fans at a football game.
Athletes: the kids you hear on the announcements for their accomplishments.
Wannabes: the ostentatious girls trying to gain attention.
Unknowns: often to timorous to put themselves out there.
Anathemas: the few students disliked by most.
Punks: can sometimes be classified as Goths.
Preps: seem to always be in a jaunty mood. They are dressed to a T each day.
Those kids: the ones who many call…weird.
Screw offs: the fractious students who will try whatever it takes to be noticed
If one were to expunge others they ostracized, would it become their utopia?
You cannot have Arrowhead without differing individuals.
The people make the experience.

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