Together We Stand

January 12, 2009
By Colleen McManus, Glendale, WI

Together We Stand



Who ever dared
to let this clichéd phrase slip off their slimy lips,

they were wrong.
When you reach a point
that is so dirty and low

You can’t help

but have everyone with you
Prospering to guide you

Help you

Love you

Redeem the you that once was
But “together we stand”
doesn’t always rise to the occasion.
You see, I pressed my feet hard against the ground
I locked my knees out straight
And with every bit of soul left in my body

I only crumbled



i fell.
like the eldest sibling who cares for her 3 orphaned brothers and sisters
like the broken and battered wife who walked out the front door
like the poverty-stricken man who, with every dime and quarter, bought a bible
like the teenaged girl who fell so hard just to earn the love and attention that was as true as the realm she entered into when she blew that puff of illicit stew

Together we may stand or fall
Divided we may rise or plummet

So long as we know,

That no matter what point at which you crouch

Or sit

Or hover

Or stand

Or kneel
You can only reach higher

And rise above the faces you fear

And confront the demons that stand in your way
Because there is always a small veiled path tucked away in the bushes, twigs
and dirt
That will lead you straight back to the clean, paved path that your life wants to lead.

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