i want to spend forever

January 12, 2009
Babe I love you so much
I would go crazy without your touch
I gave you my heart
And I want you to hold on to it
Not just for a day but forever
I want to stay together
This love is so real
I can tell by the way you make me feel
Are you in this for the long run?
Because I am
I wish I could see you everyday
So I could see that smile on your face
I love all the days
We have spent together
I will always remember them forever
You're the only one I want to hear "I love you" from
Today and for now on
Baby you're my only one
Don't think I am just saying that
Because you are my baby and that's a fact
Do you want us to last?
Because I do and I hope you do too
Baby I am so in love with you

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