to my baby girl

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

born. beautiful, pure,
all mine. able to hold in
one arm, but two arms
always for care.

four. first school day.
no more long and lazy days
with dad.
time to learn, time to grow.

thirteen. always too much
makeup. you don’t need any
you have my genes.

sixteen. start thinking.
the future is close but
not yet. i’ll be here to
help you choose.

and now the
beautiful young woman
at seventeen. i am so proud.
those words never leave
my lips.
nothing can.

but still you know.

you know i’m at every dance
show. you’re heart races fast.
your lungs pound.
push through darling,
I know you’re amazing.
graduation. I’m walking down
that stage with you.
smile big, because i’m smiling
wedding day. i still will regretfully
give you up
to him. i hope he’s worthy.
on the day you pass,
don’t fear my baby girl.
you won’t get lost
on the way
to heaven. i will meet you
at the doors,
and take you with me

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