Tear into this poem

January 12, 2009
By B.t. Cole SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
B.t. Cole SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Tear into this poem,
rip out its roots
and chop away its stringy structure.

Dislocate this poem,
feel your fingers through
its rhythm and peel
away the alliteration
that binds this poem together.

Consume this poem,
feel the predicates dribble
out your mouth as
you crunch them out of existence

Insult this poem,
call out its [“important”]
images and themes
and crush them into
powdery debris

Fully destroy and defile this poem,
take its spine of stanzas
dismantle each column and
puncture away each word until
they barely utter a syllable.

Incinerate this poem,
watch the embers piece as
the smoke implodes
and circle of ash that remains

Sweep up that poem
and give it a name.

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