Dear Friend: An Ode to War

January 12, 2009
By Jocelyn Suarez, Singapore, ZZ

Look now to the sea my dear friend
Freedom there awaits
The splashing sound of its waves
In memory retains

Feel the touch of its cold breeze
And the lullaby it sings
Hold on to its promises
The end that it hymns

Don’t be saddened my dear friend
Don’t give up and fall
This tribulation, this war would pass
I promise I would give my all

The long ago sweet memories
May haunt your dreams awake
The pretty faces and smiling glances
Would beg you on to haste

It breaks your heart, I know it does
That here we continuously stand
But never fear my doleful friend
For I will hold your hand

So don’t be saddened my dear friend
Never give up nor fall
To these enemies we are to face
I promise to give my all

Side-by-side we shall fight
Through victory or defeat
But we won’t give up until the end
We would never accept retreat

We’ll face this world and this land
Even as we’re hurt
Some hit here and some blow there
Yet we won’t face the dirt

Don’t be saddened my dear friend
Though your journey here ends
With tears in my eyes and sobs from my lips
I won’t forget you then

I hold your hand forevermore
And press your heart to mine
Until that moment we’ll see again
Each other and be entwine

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I was 16 ( i didn't know of Teen Ink then). I was inspired to write this after watching, unusually so, The movie Troy. Ancient wars had always intrigued me, partly because, these wars still continues today. When I wrote this, I was delved into a sea of sadness for those people today, away from their families, fighting for their countries. We always await the end of all this enmity, all this madness in this world... But right now, all we can do is just wait and keep hope. This poem is dedicated to all those who are out there and making our countries proud, both modern and ancient.

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