January 11, 2009
By Forest Abbott-Lum, Kailua, HI


God is chance

God is a series of perfectly placed atoms that gravity drew together
God is the sound of smashing planet cores spinning into a molten orb
God is our exact latitude to the sun
God is the millionth of a chance that hydrogen and oxygen blasted together in the vacuum of space
God is the shape of clouds on the horizon.
God is a meteor bursting the skin of a new planet, creating a brilliant shadow to draw living liquid with the seasons and hours.
God is millions of mutations developing brilliant features or useless appendages.
God is opposable thumbs
I believe that it was a miracle that I was chosen to live.
our past planet future children are bound up in impossible x and y variables and holy formulas that keep our earth in rotation, in the exact place and time to sustain life.
My life, a trillionth of an impossibility, and I could be nothing, another particle beyond the starry fingers of the Andromeda galaxy, a wafting particle of dust in a gas giant, a particle of sulfur swept up in an interplanetary windstorm.
chance, or god chose me to live,
In a place where mental and physical mutations build up to future and past civilizations
in a chain of creation and destruction,
God is the gift of complex thought synapses and pumping hearts,
and cell malfunctions,
and irrationalities and human peculiaralitys .
God is the thousandth of a chance of creation
could perform a thousand genocides,
dig coal mines,
poison products and sweep poison into clear water,
and make new elements that kill geniuses.
God is chance.

every moment is a fraction of a trillion possibilities,
God is a cycle of birth and death,
God is the ability that these fingers are capable of writing symbols on once living paper.
God is h20, Gravity, formulas that build the universe are my holy scriptures,
And I worship the impossibility of my existence daily,
My skin turning September sunbeams into vitamin D is my prayer,
The wind that blows over my face is the whisperings of saints and the vapor in the atmosphere is holy.
God is the off chance that this amazing planet whirling around a dying star exists in this place at this time.
God is an impossible miracle in a realm of changes.
Every moment that has come to start and end where I begin,

Every moment my lungs separate CO2 and oxygen,
With every pump of my heart I celebrate this life I am blessed with having.
Every moment is heaven on this impossible planet,
God is chance.

For eons I have not existed,
And soon I will cease to exist again,
I am merely a blip in the universe,
While stars were turning on and shattering like light bulbs strung across the galaxy I wasn’t a thought, a particle, an insignificant member of a planet.
While my ancestors toiled in the rice fields,
and froze in Ice ages,
while bibles were written and molten magma pulsed beneath a planet’s crust,
I was not existient.
I was not fate and I was not a planned event,
My birth is a million to one gamble,
and a miracle of chance,
my ancestors are tangled bloodlines across a unique planet,
dragged across desert sands and created by wind and revolution,
whipped across oceans to be combined together in explosive racial combinations.

Any experience is a lotto ticket of cosmic combinations,
Every breath taken is a card drawn out of a deck of the impossible,
Our lives are a reckless gamble of possibility and god is a millionth of a chance.
Our thoughts and secrets are a fragment of a scientific dream where elements are sacred,
Connected by pieces of god.
Because my existience,
My feet planted on this ground,
Our creation,
Your religion,
This planet.
It’s impossible.
God is chance.

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