Built With Spirit

January 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Within the walls of Fremd high school
There lays a collection of stories
Stories meant to be heard
Stories meant to be kept inside

We strive to reach our highest potential
Teachers inspire for our successes in life
Activities becomes a place to let go and socialize
And triumphs in sports and academic games represent the meaning of a “team”

Old friendships grow, disconnect
New friendships begin and become life long
Homecoming dates transform into loving relationships
The phrase “it’s not you, it’s me,” becomes familiar to our ears

A groan and a moan is heard at the news of homework
A chant is roared after a Viking touchdown
A tear is shed at the sight of our first “F”
And a heart is moved in the feeling of unity

Each student contributes a piece to the walls
We become the construction workers
Our stories become the building blocks
And our personalities and passions become the cement

Together we provide stable ground and walls
For students after us to grow
For students after us to learn
For students after us to add their own story to the walls of Fremd High

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