Why I Write

January 11, 2009
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I wish I could paint you a picture
A picture with sounds, smells
Vibrant colors that you can’t see anywhere
Except on the far fringes of your wildest dreams

But paintings are just images
Flat and two-dimensional
The colors are dim and vague
And all you can do is see

That’s why I write
So you can feel what I feel
Smell what I smell
Hear what I hear

A painting shows you sky
I show you an endless expanse
Of forever
The color of a robin’s egg
Speckled with flecks of pure joy

I want you to know
What I know
Without me telling you

I want you to understand
The incomprehensible
And to wrap yourself around infinity

I write so you’ll
Close your eyes and come away
To where you’ve never dreamed you could go

I want you to
See the invisible
Embrace the untouchable
Hear the echo of a thought no one had
Feel the shadow of a world beyond our own

That’s why I write

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