Where Does The World Go When You Close Your (Tear Stained) Eyes?

January 11, 2009
By XxAdamxX GOLD, Kingdom City, Missouri
XxAdamxX GOLD, Kingdom City, Missouri
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Today I saw:
The end of the world.
It made me shake,
It made me sob.
It made me wish:
That I were God.

I wouldn't grant you prosperity, or fame...
But I'd help charities!

I'd help the homeless,
Help the poor!
Save the animals
Punish those...

Bastards that beat and skin
Those poor live animals
I'd make them pay
For every poor life...

They've cruelly slain.
I'd stop the genocides,
And help those poor souls trapped inside...

Shells that are minorities...
Keep them safe from the beasts That we

Become! Save the poor animals,
Fight against racial slanders!
Help the poor
And open the door
To the hearts of those...

Who need my love, guidance and strength.

I'm so sorry God.
But this world's too much
I need an outlet

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