Poem of Life

January 11, 2009
By Zackary Crotty BRONZE, Seatac, Washington
Zackary Crotty BRONZE, Seatac, Washington
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Poem of life

All these lines below show you how I truly feel,
And all the emotion I have yet to reveal.
It will all come undone in this piece as I write,
And think far off deep into the night.

I love all of life and all of its beauty,
I’m going to live life to the fullest; I feel it’s my duty.
I will not care what people think or might say,
Because life will end and I want to be happy that day.

I want to live my life not just survive it,
I want to get up and try new things, not just pass by it.
I believe life will be fulfilled if I get out there,
I’m not just going to sit around I swear.

Fear is something that cannot stand in my way,
Because fear will make my dream surely fray.
Fear is the flaw in most people’s lives,
But without it haunting them their life may thrive.

I want to graduate from a high standard college,
I want to find and keep all of its knowledge.
I want to travel and learn many things,
I want to have children and witness the happiness they bring.

I have people in my life that I would do anything for,
And I won’t be shy because I want to meet many more.
These certain people mean everything to me,
And play a large part in my life and family.

My life so far and overall is amazing it’s true,
From friends to the family I was born into.
From the bottom of my heart I hope it stays this way,
Because plagued with misery my life will turn to gray.

I know that there will be sadness and sorrow,
But I will keep my chin up and wait for tomorrow.
The gray will surely change to a brighter color,
And then I will be able to stand much taller.

I always hear that happy endings are lies,
And if you believe this your chance for one dies.
I’m going to prove to the world that happy endings are real,
And that it’s not in a book its how I truly feel.

I know these are strong words for a fourteen year old boy,
But this is how I truly feel and how I wish for only joy.
You might think I’m crazy or way too mature,
But this is how I am and you can’t change that, I’m sure.

You should all listen to what I have to say,
You might become inspired to live life my way.
Don’t worry it’s really not hard to start,
Just don’t be scared and let every decision come from the heart.

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