Summer Never Comes Soon Enough

January 11, 2009
By Estela Del Toral, Chicago, IL

I count the days ‘till summer
with anticipation
I long to be on the beach
The open air filled with the sounds of
the salty sea and soaring seagulls
With sand in-between my toes
Waves crashing against my ankles
And my hand intertwined with yours

Post cards will no longer suffice
What I’d give to hear your voice,
The sweet sounds seeping from
neatly parted lips
But for now I write,
All the words I want to speak
scattered on
torn pages in hurried lines
These words desperate to
make their way to you

The days are getting longer
The nights worse
Sleep escapes me
And I lie awake counting down the
Until I lose track of time altogether
But what good is it to sleep when
You’re always in my dreams.

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