January 11, 2009
By Mia Gunter, Edmonton, ZZ


Morning in forest
Trees sway and a dewdrop falls
Crisp air has set in

Sun rises and shines
All animals come to play
New day to embrace

Panic and fluster
In a second all scurry
No they’re here they’re here

All hidden but one
With the sight of a fur tail
One is snatched and gone

Sacrifice was done
Satisfaction guaranteed
Peace is back in time

A loved one taken
It is the natural way
But the world must spin

The wind still blows calm
The plants still flourish and give
A day in forest

Clouds fill up the sky
Dusk crawls up behind daylight
A light drizzle starts

The rain warms the air
The rain comes granting all life
It rubs the nature

Such grace such power
The forest holds a new world
A night in forest

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