January 11, 2009
By Josephine Cullerton, Chicago, IL


He was missing but
I never saw it as that big a deal.
I assumed the police would find him.
It was just a mistake.
I thought it would blow over,
and that it would all be okay,
but it wasn’t.

I was confused, surprised,
when I came back that night.
I saw my brother on the porch
with a cigarette in his hand
and tears down his cheeks.
I’ve never seen any sibling like that before.
I asked what was wrong,
“they found him on the beach”.

My aunt, uncle and cousin cried for weeks.
They still cry and I don’t know what to do.
Do I comfort and hug them,
or can I let my feelings out too?
When I do I feel selfish.

I can’t. I will be strong.
They will grieve but soon,
the thought of him
will put smiles on our faces.
Bobo will bring us all together.

The author's comments:
For My Cousin Robert

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