Good Bye

January 11, 2009
By Vicky Diaz, West Newbury, MA

A soft face abruptly fades to dust, as you lie there Waiting.
You look truly diverse
It’s not really you
Your cheeks look
So icy, so pale.
They feel
So cold.
When I put my
in yours,
it’s hard to breathe
As you jut lay there…
As breathless you lay
I remain still, waiting for your heart
To beat again.
except the disappointment slowly, painfully
Runs to my
I glance at you
Over there.
Lying so cold in
that casket
enclosed by
you favorite flowers
And all your
Loved ones.
We all weep
As we observe
You lying there.
Some even scamper
Out of the room
someone takes my
as I stand
Waiting and
Watching over you.
The day ends,
The last I’ll ever see
So I say my
And tell you that
I love you

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