The Giant Eagle Epiphany

January 11, 2009
By Rachel Patena, Solon, OH

The sun sets the streets ablaze.
Above a radiant red light fixates my gaze.
My blinker aims to the market on the right,
and going into the store feels like the comfort of night.

Munching my mouth-watering piece of cinnamon gum,
chewing and chewing, I begin to hum!
As I see aisles and aisles galore,
“Ah!” I say, “I need to go down to aisle four!”

What awaits me in aisle four are many shelves
that send fireworks to my brain and set off little bells.
Tints of blue mix with tones of red,
“Ah! Just the ones I need,” I said.

Across the box were words Jell-O all squiggly,
boxes that make the serious giggly,
boxes that look like worms all wiggly,
boxes that make Jell-O so jiggly!

There’s the typical dark hues of red,
cherry, black cherry, maybe tropical berry instead?
There’s a mix of raspberry, cranberry, and strawberry too,
that are superior than any shade of blue.

From there light shades of mixed fruit, fruit punch, and watermelon,
all too light to be my favorite gelatin!
Back to strawberry the best in the bunch!
How I love that it comes in five flavors to munch!

Strawberry-kiwi is delightful.
Strawberry-banana is quite a bite-ful.
Strawberry daiquiri may be too fruity for me,
so wild strawberry it must be!

Leaving aisle four to the check-out line,
I’m glad I used Jell-O in my color poem rhyme!
Because every time these lines are read,
going to the store for Jell-O, I will not dread!

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